Knowing More about the City

City Of London is constituted with most of London from its settlement through the Romans in the 1st century AD until middle ages. However, the agglomeration has grown from the borders of the City. As a result, the city became a tiny part of the metropolis of London, but it remains a notable part of the central London.

The city is considered major in financial center and business. Within the 19th century, the City Of London became the primary business center in the world and it continues to be the major meeting point for most businesses.

Boundary of the City

City’s size was constrained by the defensive perimeter wall that is also known as London Wall. Such wall was built by the Romans way back in 2nd century in order to protect the strategic port city. The boundaries of City of London are no longer coinciding with its old city wall since the city already expanded its jurisdiction over time.

In the Medieval era, the jurisdiction of the city had expanded westwards which cross the historic western border of the original settlement, the River Fleet along with the Fleet Street down to the temple bar. It also took in order city bars that were situated beyond the old walled area. In relation to this, it serves as important entrances of the city. The control of the city became vital in order to maintain the special privileges for trades in the city.Brunette escort London

Geography of the City

The said place is the smallest ceremonial county of England by population and people is considered the fourth of the most densely populated. The city has 7,000 resident but there are more than 300, 000 people who commute and work there, specifically in the sector of financial services.


The City Of London has its unique political status for its legacy of uninterrupted integrity as a corporate from the time when Anglo-Saxon period and its relationship with the crown. Based on history, the government was not usual however not reformed by the “Municipal Reform Act 1835”.

The city is referred to as the ceremonial county that has “commission of lieutenancy” which is headed by a Lord Mayor, not a Lord-Lieutenant. Instead of a high sheriff, it has two sheriffs. The senior members of the Livery Companies are identified as Liverymen.


Since the city of London is renowned as the financial capital of the world, increasing number of insurance and banking institutions already have their headquarters there. Moreover, the city was noted an established leader in trading in terms of foreign exchange, Eurobonds, global insurance and energy futures. That is why, no doubt that there is great increase to the economy of the city, which makes the city the home for investments and business.

You can also find several landmarks and historic buildings in the city of London, which most people would love to visit. It shows how the city was like before and what kind of life the people in London live way back then.