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Our reviews at Gorgeous Park Lane Escorts Agency
There are some incredible escorts available at Gorgeous Park Lane Escorts Agency. I have worked with this agency on more than one occasion and am constantly shocked by the beauty of the girls. They have also been able to make some of the last-minute requests happen so that I’m not left hanging without a date. The girls are just as gorgeous as their photos, too. They are outgoing and always looking for a good time. I can’t imagine calling another agency when I need a date for a special event. The girls continued to impress again and again. For anyone looking for a last-minute date, I recommend this agency.
by Darren, from Essex | Written on August 2018
A view of my co-workers told me about this agency and how they were able to get dates when they came in to London for business trips. At first, I really wasn’t sure, especially because of my situation at home. However, I found everything to be extremely easy. The rates were affordable and the phone operators walked me through the entire process. The girls didn’t care what I had going on at home. They showed me a good time and confidentiality was maintained at all times. Plus, I was able to go out on the town without anyone guessing that I had called an escort agency. Now, I simply can’t wait until my next business trip to London.
by Cliff, from Edinburgh | Written on June 2018
It was very easy to call and book time with a London escort. A friend of mine had called to book time with a blonde escort the last time we were here. She was gorgeous and so it gave me the confidence to call and test out the agency for myself. The operator that answered the phone knew that I was nervous and walked me through the whole process. She was extremely patient and answered all of the questions that I had. It only took a few minutes before I was booked with a beautiful blonde who showed up at my door just at the time that I had requested. This agency certainly knows what they are doing and they have my business the next time that I am going to be in London.
by James, from Dublin | Written on April 2018
My London office told me about a special event that I had to attend at the very last minute. They told me that it would be better if I had a date with me. Since I live in Portugal, bringing a date was going to be extremely difficult. I called Gorgeous Park Lane Escorts Agency in the afternoon and they promised me that they would have a gorgeous brunette to my hotel room later that evening. Just as promised, a girl was knocking on my door at six. It was the perfect time so that we could go to the event. My boss was extremely impressed by her sophistication and no one ever guessed that I had called an escort agency. It ended up being just what I needed to get a raise!
by Pedro, from Lima | Written on March 2018
Calling for a date had never been easier. A few of my co-workers had noticed I’d been depressed. Much of it had to do with not being on a date in quite a few months. Someone recommended this agency, so I made the call. I wasn’t feeling very hopeful. The moment a beautiful blonde knocked on my door, I knew that we were going to have a good night. She was extremely outgoing and helped me to get out of my funk. It was just what I needed in order to focus on my job once again. If I’m ever in London again, I will look forward to calling the agency and hopefully requesting the same blonde.
by Shawn, from Belfast | Written on February 2018